Lassa Fever in Nigeria

Almost half a century after the discovery of Lassa fever in Nigeria and earlier this year , a large amount of lives were affected in the cou

Poor Medicine practise in Africa

Some Studies from the BMC Public Health Journal has been published showing the poor prescription practise in the African region and among ph

Childhood Obesity in the UK

Health experts and leading supermarket chains have raised concerns over the government’s childhood obesity plan. The British Medical Associa

National Minority Health Month

African Americans and Hispanics are affected by Diabetes and Hypertension at higher rates than other ethnicities. Proper management of blood

Human Trafficking in UK

A lot of individuals are brought to the UK for domestic violence, sexual exploitation, forced labour etc. and they all experience post -trau

How healthy are you?

Public Health England is launching a campaign called One You! The ONE YOU campaign is the first nationwide campaign to address preventable

Diabetes Study Update

This is a condition that is very prevalent amongst the African and Caribbean community but now there is new research into Type 1 Diabetes. I

Zika virus update

Since the World Health Organisation has declared this virus out break a state of public health emergency, it has been spreading from Brazil