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AHPN's membership network includes organisations working at local, regional and national level. The wealth of its membership includes those that work in the health, social care, faith, and private sector. Members share AHPN's aims and objectives, and work with and influence AHPN in shaping the national health policy agenda affecting Africans in the UK. Membership at AHPN is dynamic, meaningful and beneficial to all partners.

AHPN provides opportunities for its members to engage with their peers in their local community, through local partnerships and networking. AHPN members make their voices heard on issues that affect them and their communities, and lead AHPN activities.

One of the networks coordinated by the African Health Policy Network is Ffena. The Ffena network provides Africans living with and affected by HIV with training, support and a platform from which to share their views and make their voices heard. The network currently has 150 members, from across the UK, and continues to grow. Whilst a national project, the network also operates at the local level, through Ffena satellite groups. These semi-independent and self-running groups create opportunities for Ffena members to regularly meet, access training, and take action together. This approach favours the greater meaningful involvement of People living with HIV.


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