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Childhood Obesity in the UK

Health experts and leading supermarket chains have raised concerns over the government’s childhood obesity plan. The British Medical Association has claimed that the government has “rowed back” on promises made to tackle the issue.

The childhood obesity plan calls for a reduction in the level of sugar in products popular with children by 5% over the next year. Alongside this, the plan also aims to encourage primary schools to deliver at least 30 minutes of physical education each day.

However, much of the feedback to the plan has been critical. Mike Coupe, CEO of Sainsbury’s has stated that the measures taken do not go far enough.

Many health experts like Dr Wollaston of the Health Select Committee claim that whole sections from the initial draft have been dropped. Measures such as restrictions on advertising junk food to children and promotions on unhealthy products had been “watered down”.

Childhood obesity is an issue faced by many children who are African or of African descent. This is a result of social issues and inequalities that many Africans in the UK face. The AHPN feels that childhood obesity is a major concern and more action needs to be taken in order to eliminate health inequalities.

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