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Rooting for the Ro

AHPN is working with NHS Blood and Transplant to push up the number of Black blood donors in the capital and beyond. 

Our project is called ‘Rooting for the Ro’ which recognises that there is an increased demand for some rare subtypes of blood [such as Ro] that are more common in Black people – which means that we need more Black people to become blood donors. The demand for blood subtypes such as Ro is growing as more of our people are having regular transfusions to treat blood disorders, such as sickle cell. Imagine the impact if each of us encouraged just 10 people to register and to give blood and in turn those from our network of family and friends passed on the message. That could mean over 1000 new blood donors, ensuring that when someone enters hospital for a transfusion due to sickle cell there is more of a chance that they will receive a good match of Ro blood. 

Look here to find out more:

The Ro subtype: Ro              Sickle Cell:  sickle cell

Most people can give blood if they're fit and healthy.

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