Health conditions

AHPN has broadened its strategic policy position to focus on improving the health and wellbeing of Africans living in the UK. This includes influencing and advocating for policies that address interlinked health conditions holistically. This change in direction follows AHPN members' own changing priorities locally.

There are still high rates of HIV amongst Africans in the UK, but recent improvements to HIV treatment mean that people living with HIV can expect to live longer. This is coupled with the documented susceptibility of people living with HIV to other related health conditions which means it is no longer possible to address HIV in isolation.

Other health conditions


The African community is also disproportionately and adversely affected by other health conditions, including sickle cell anaemia and heart disease. The AHPN's research and policy focus currently is on HIV and sexual health, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, stroke and mental health. However, as our work develops we continue to be led by our members and community and so will develop new work streams concentrating on other health conditions.