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Your Vote Your Voice

London has one of the lowest voter registration rates across the UK with almost one in three young Londoners (16 - 24 year olds) and one in five Black Londoners not registered to vote.

GLA City Intelligence research has shown that:

• Half a million (around 550,000) Londoners do not possess a passport.

• Over two and a half million (over 2,600,000) Londoners do not have a full driving licence.

• Females are less likely to have a driving licence (42%) compared with males (32%).

• One in four (26 per cent) of Londoners aged between 60 and 65 do not have an Oyster Photocard.

• Only around one in five (18%) of disabled Londoners would be able to present a Freedom Pass as photo ID to be able to vote.

The law has changed and you will need photo ID to vote - make sure your voice is heard - register to vote - have the right photo ID to vote.

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All Videos

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