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How healthy are you?

Public Health England is launching a campaign called One You!

The ONE YOU campaign is the first nationwide campaign to address preventable disease in adults

‘One you’ highlights the importance of being healthy during the early stages of your life. There are several studies that show that a healthy life style during your midlife will vastly improve your health as you get older.

The National Health Service in England spends over £11b yearly to treat illness caused by drinking, smoking and effects of diet. 40% of people in England are dying also because of preventable illness.

This One You campaign will work by encouraging adults to take online health quiz which has been designed based on recommendations based on results which directs people to tools advising them to take action where it is most needed. Already some individuals between 40 to 60 year olds have taken the “How are you” quiz said they were likely to change their lifestyle to improve their health because of the feedback it gave them.

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