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High numbers of sexually transmitted infections amongst the LGBT community

Some figures were published by Public Health England recently showing 434,456 sexually transmitted infectious (STIs) reported in England in 2015. 54,275 of which were among gay ,bisexual or other men who have sex with men, a 10% increase since 2014. The most commonly diagnosed STI was Chlamydia at 46% .

The head of the STI surveillance at the Public Health “Dr Gwenda Hughes” reported – stating it is important to raise more awareness and recommend condoms .There is routine screening generally offered but only 13% of young men and 32% of young women were tested in 2015.

PHE recommends:

• prevention, focusing on groups at highest risk, including young adults, men who have sex with men and black ethnic minorities

• consistent and correct use of condoms which can significantly reduce risk of infection

• rapid access to treatment and notifying any partners who may be affected which can reduce the spread of infection

• regular testing for HIV and STIs is essential for good sexual health:

• anyone under 25 who is sexually active should be screened for chlamydia annually, and on change of sexual partner

• men who have sex with men should test annually for HIV and STIs and every 3 months if having condom less sex with new or casual partners

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