AHPN aims to improve the health and wellbeing of BAME people living in the UK who are disproportionately affected by long term health conditions such as HIV, mental health issues, diabetes, Cancer and others. We work with BAME communities to lessen the impacts of these inequalities and challenge intersecting issues of stigma, marginalisation, isolation, poverty, discrimination and racism - which in turn impact health outcomes. 

AHPN leads and delivers campaigns and activities. We have a history of successful campaigns because our work is rooted in research, consultation and engaging the African community. Historically, AHPN has led campaigns to improve the lives of Africans living with HIV in the UK, on topics including immigration, stigma and discrimination, faith, media and human rights.

African Health Policy Network, AHPN .jpe

AHPN has broadened its strategic policy position to focus on improving the health and wellbeing of Africans living in the UK. This includes influencing and advocating for policies that address interlinked health conditions holistically. This change in direction follows AHPN members' own changing priorities locally.

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