About us

AHPN aims to improve the health and wellbeing of BAME people living in the UK who are disproportionately affected by long term health conditions such as HIV, mental health issues, diabetes, Cancer and others. We work with BAME communities to lessen the impacts of these inequalities and challenge intersecting issues of stigma, marginalisation, isolation, poverty, discrimination and racism - which in turn impact health outcomes. 


AHPN started out in the 1990's working with and for African descent people living with HIV and health comorbidities. Our public health remit has burgeoned and today we work with and for adult BAME communities living with long term health conditions, migrant populations, refugees, asylum seekers and disabled people. Our vision is to narrow the health inequality gap by ensuring that BAME communities in the UK have equal access to services and projects, support, programmes and information. In doing so we ensure that marginalised groups, communities and individuals share in the life, and services, on offer in the community. This is achieved through a human rights based approach that ensures that the design, delivery and monitoring of health/care services, projects & initiatives are tailored around the needs of local BAME communities. 

Enabling people with lived experience of mental health problems to take on leadership roles.

Service users are involved in all aspects of AHPNs work. We are an organisation of the community, for the community. All of our staff team and two thirds of the Trustee Board self define as living with a long term health condition - and over 50% of both have lived experience of mental health issues. All of our volunteers have lived experience and they bring this expertise and richness to the work that they do. AHPN develops its programmes and projects in conjunction with our PIER Panel (Practice, Innovation, Experience, Research). The PIER Panel is a user-led project linked to our service-users' group which allows members with a research and policy interest to engage with AHPN on specific projects. It is made up of individuals of African heritage, with lived experience or long term health conditions and who also in addition to their lived experience contribute skills such as statistics, research skills, design, project management, office administration etc. The Pier Panel provides an independent scrutiny and monitoring function that ensures that our work is guided by the needs of our service users. We are currently responding to a crisis but we still maintain that liaison with our service-user voice.

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